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Boiler Service Ealing

We are a team of expert professionals including plumbers. We are the best plumbing service provider in town. Our services include:

  • Bathroom Installation
  • Kitchen Installation
  • Repair & General Maintenance
  • Emergency Services
  • Boiler Installation & Repair
  • Many More

Importance of Boilers

Boiler Repairs Ealing are one of the most essential utilities in any home. People usually realize the importance of boilers when they are faced with an issue such as a breakdown. Let us know and our Boiler Service Ealing team will visit you. The usual boiler issues which are faced by households include:

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Carl Smith

September 18th 2019

" Good thorough and friendly engineer! Tested everything before and after he fitted our gas cooker today. Very happy. "

Rachel Donavon

September 28th 2019

" Nice fella and fitted my new cooker no problem. Did a thorough gas check as well. "

Adrian Mount

December 11th 2019

" Service was efficient and professional, very pleased, would highly recommended. "

Paula Sharp

January 19th 2020

" I had my central heating power flushed and it was a very good and professional service. I would deffo recommend him to anyone. "

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  • Inadequate water pressure
  • Faulty Thermostat
  • Boiler Break down
  • Scalding
  • Others

Boiler Issues

Boilers are a piece of sturdy equipment and do not break down easily. There are many reasons why your boiler would stop operating or not work properly. For instance :

  • Lack of maintenance & Servicing.
  • Low-Quality Boiler
  • Improper Installation
  • Low-quality accessories
CALL US NOW: 07714964126
Boiler Service Ealing

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Our boiler services

We provide Boiler Service Ealing including installation, repair, and maintenance. There are many benefits of regularly maintaining your boiler. For Instance:

  • Annual service will help you monitor your boiler and assist you in identifying problems that can get worse with time.
  • Regular servicing will keep the boilers clean and in perfect condition,
  • Boiler Repair Ealing on time can save you from a much bigger loss.
  • Regular servicing also safeguards people from hazards.

What is included in boiler servicing?

Our boiler services include Boiler Installation Ealing as well as repair services. A regular procedure looks somewhat like this:

  • Visual screening of the boiler to identify any issue with the boiler of the flame.
  • External/internal flue checking
  • Checking of input heat and operating pressure of the boiler.
  • Seals are properly checked.
  • The boiler casing may be removed for checking other components.
  • Boiler cleaning
  • Service report preparation.

Boiler Issues

Over time boilers can develop different issues which can reduce their efficiency. Let's look at some of the issues we resolve:

Frozen Condensate Pipes:

This is common with condensing boilers. The condensate pipe gets frozen and your boiler cannot be fired. This is usually not a boiler issue but an emergency boiler issue that switches off the boiler to protect it. This can be caused by several factors such as improper insulation of your condensate pipe may not be insulated properly or has lost its insulation with time.

Pressure Drop:

Sometimes your boiler experiences a sudden pressure drop or does not reach the required temperature. This can also happen if you have recently bled your radiators. It could also be a result of leakage or some other problem with your boiler. You can let our boiler repair Ealing team know about it and they will resolve it for you.


Corrosion can lead to leakages, and at times, uncontrollable ones. For resolving this the boiler will have to be opened and this is not a DIY task. It should only be performed by experts such as our engineers and technicians.

Other issues:

These may include improper operation of diverter/zone valves, gas valves, or pressure relief valves. There could also be something wrong with the thermocouple or the thermostat. Whatever the issue might be, our dedicated and professional plumbers will trace the fault and repair it so that you can enjoy a stress-free life.

Why Choose Us?

Licenses & Qualified Plumbing Company

We have the required licenses for providing any plumbing service including boiler installation Ealing & boiler repairs Ealing to both the commercial as well as the residential sector. Our team comprises highly qualified and experienced plumbers. They are well trained to use the latest plumbing tools & gadgets to ensure an effective and safe installation of your boilers and any other plumbing utility. Our plumbers are fully aware of safety practices and government regulations. You can be at ease when you hire our plumbers.

Affordable Service Charges

We provide the most affordable boiler installation in Ealing and elsewhere in the UK. Our service charges and repair charges have been priced relative to the market. Your total cost will depend on any repair or replacement that your boiler may require. In case you require a new instalment, then we will share with you quotes for different types of boilers with highly competitive pricing.

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You can get in touch with us through our registered phone line. Call us and talk to our official representative. We will gladly answer any questions that you may have and provide any plumbing information that you may require. You can also ask our representative for a free site visit if you plan on carrying out a major plumbing installation such as a boiler. You can also request a free quote for our services through our website.

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